Build competent and confident employee performance

Health Care Consulting can:

  • Design customized training programs to meet your objectives
  • Help your clinical experts turn their knowledge into training
  • Analyze performance deficiencies and recommend training or other solutions
  • Deliver onsite seminars
  • Redesign existing training to achieve higher skill levels
  • Develop webinars and online learning programs
  • Create job aids, cheat sheets and templates to cue improved performance
  • Use systematic performance management tools to embed and sustain skills


Sample Training Seminar Topics

Managing for Value Based Purchasing

Climbing Out of Chaos- Time Management and Personal Effectiveness for Clinical Managers

Improving Star Ratings and Clinical Outcome Scores

Driving Decisions with Data

Connecting the Dots with Collaboration and Care Transitions

Agile Change Management Tools and Techniques

Strategic Communication for the Volume to Value Shift

Evidence-Based Best Practices for Better Health Outcomes

Getting the Patient on the Team – Patient Self-Management Support

Beyond Compliance – Motivational Interviewing Basics

Getting the Job Done Right – Employee Performance Management

Process Improvement and Work

Simplification – Lower Costs and Better Results